Monday, March 16, 2015

A Thing for Spots

Horses come and go on my Facebook news feed daily. Horses at rescues, horses at auctions, thoroughbreds off the track.... the list goes on and on.

Well the other Friday I woke up and was having a bit of a tough week. Just a bad week all over, Quick was lame, other horses were acting up and even though I was having AMAZING rides on Journey (which I promise to detail later) I still was rather bummed. I thought about taking a trip to Sisters just to get away.

Then I spied him. A cute little Appy/Mustang cross that was at Mustangs to the Rescue. Before I knew it I was messaging Kate Beardsley about him. And made arrangements to go see him on Sunday.

Mustangs to the Rescue's photo of Bart

There was something about him. It was a perfect excuse to get away. I told Paula I was going and asked if she wanted to come. And so on Sunday we went to Sisters. It has been so dry that there was no snow on the pass. It was a nice break from my allergies to be over there for a little bit!

And I met Bart!

Kate took these photos of us.

So once I win the lottery you know which horse will be coming home with me right? Haha, until then he is up for adoption at Mustangs to the Rescue. He is a slight build similar to Quick and a little under weight at the moment. He hadn't been ridden in who knows how long but was very good. He is green. At 6 years old he would make a perfect endurance prospect. I did make Kate the offer of putting some free training on him during the summer if he is still there. Or if there was another horse that needed it. Of course she pointed me in the direction of a nice Thoroughbred mare that needed a home and some work!
One of those at a time however. I have enough on my plate with the princess Journey.