Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Not Easy Being.... Green?

When I saw that they were holding a Green Bean Endurance competition I jokingly told Kat that we should join. You needed to have a combined amount of miles- LD and Endurance of under 1,000.  As of the beginning of the year I had a whopping 475 endurance miles and 25 LD miles. Yet within those miles there was a 75, a 100 and a 50 mile win. We ended up being on the Turtle Trotters team. We tried to change the name to Tenacious Trotters which would suit all speeds and distances the team members planned to go but it didn't happen. Oh well. Turtle Trotters it was.

I doubt Jacke Reynolds really expected a Green Bean to go out and do what I set out to do with Quick this year- namely Tevis. Other 100s perhaps but Tevis quite frankly needs no introduction to how difficult it is.

Quick and I rocked this season. We started out with a 50 at Still Memorial, coming in 2nd. Then an 80 at Sunriver. Nothing to write home about on our 3rd place finish. And then the Spookaloosa fought me telling him to go slow all the way to Robinson Flats. We came to an agreement as we left and by the time we reached Lower Quarry he finally agreed to listen to me, begrudgingly. It is still hard to believe we finished 37th. 

My final ride was on Foo at Foothills 25. That is what clinched my 3rd place finish in my division and my 7th place overall finish. I did every distance this year! Not on the same horse. I've only done endurance rides on Quick and LDs on other peoples horses.

I don't have any exciting plans such as Tevis next year. But I only have 755 combined miles so I get to do the Green Bean competition again! And this time I joined the team Appy Inc. More fitting for the Spookaloosa!

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